my card, nice to meet you


nick norman is 28 and lives in philadelphia
with his girlfriend chelsea and 2 sister cats sadie and phoebe.
nick just makes lots of different kinds of art,
and is not interested in explaining what it means,
why he makes it, or trying to justify its existence.





where my goods at?


nationale (portland, OR)
lowell (portland, OR) (RIP)
floating world (portland, OR)
harpy gallery (rutherford, NJ)
luckys books and comics (vancouver, CANADA)
the beguiling (toronto, CANADA)
kamihira (philadelphia, PA)
picture room (brooklyn, NY)
paletown (tokyo, JAPAN)
domino books (online)
opandagordo (online)

:>) please contact if you want to stock my goods :>)
:>) happy to make custom goods for you :>)